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On March 21, 2017, David Dragan Selakovic to was finally compelled to admit in a federal court of law to knowingly unlawfully manufacturing, distributing, copying, or stealing, and later reselling over SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS ($700,000,000.00) worth of counterfeit, fake, or unauthorized versions of Adobe Systems US trademark protected products in just the last five (5) years alone.

David Dragan Selakovic was also compelled to finally admit to knowingly diverting, and or laundering over FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS ($50,000,000.00) in illicit, ill-gotten, and untaxed US profits in, as well as out of the United States, utilizing various HSBC Bank accounts and WELL AFTER HSBC' late 2012 settlement that HSBC BANK had previously reached with the US Department of Justice and federal banking regulators.

David Dragan Selakovic is also said to have recently reached a personal confidential settlement agreement with Adobe Systems in order to settle Adobe civil claims against Mr. Selakovic personally that is estimated to be between fifty and one hundred million dollars. ($50,000,000.00 - $100,000,000.00).

Below is an online link to Adobe Systems federal trademark infringement lawsuit that was recently and properly ajudicated against Mr. Selakovic personally.


To make matter even worse , the evidence will also show that the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has in fact, known all about Mr. Selakovic’ ongoing massive international software, as well as HSBC Bank’ narcotics trade-based money laundering schemes since at least 2000 when the FBI was able to raid one of Mr. Selakovic’ warehouse facilities in Pflugerville, Texas.


According to the above published news reports, FBI agents who took part in raiding Mr. Selakovic’ warehouse facility for his corporate front named Bantech at the time, discovered thousands of counterfeit, fake, or unauthorized versions of Microsoft Software products in Bantech's possession.

Yet, because of Mr Selakovic’ “political connections” , as well as due to the fact that Mr. Selakovic has supplied the Mexican “Sinoloa drug cartel” with most. if not all of their counterfeit Microsoft, as well as Adobe Systems software product for decades, no criminal investigation was ever properly performed by the FBI and Mr. Selakovic, much like today, was never even questioned and has never once had to answer to any federal law enforcement official regarding any of Mr. Selakovic’ ongoing multi billion dollar international counterfeit software manufacturing and distribution schemes.

Ironically, FBI Director James Comey until recently still sat on HSBC Bank' Board of Director' DURING AND AFTER the FBI' non investigation into any of my own, as well as my companies criminal racketeering, trademark infringement, amongst other allegations into Mr. Selakovic' ongoing nefarious criminal conduct and that former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch facilitated and negotiated HSBC Bank' 2012 settlement agreement on behalf of the USDOJ.